Are you CONFUSED?
  Anointing with oil and praying
  Delivering people from bondage

2 Kings 6:12 O King, but Elisha, the prophet, who is in Israel tells the King of Israel, ‘the words you speak in your bed room’.

The King of Syria was greatly troubled, as the devices made by him to overcome the King of Israel were spoilt. The servants of the Syrian king told him, ‘even the words you speak in your bed room will be revealed to the King of Israel by the prophet Elisha.

Today, people do not believe in miracles and prophecy which are God’s gifts. Without belief we cannot please God. When we believe God and His mighty works, this supernatural gift of God will operate in our lives.

A non Christian brother had a severe headache. He spent a lot of money and tried to get rid of it. A Pastor known to the brother took Pastor James Manoharan to his house for prayer. God revealed that there was a cursed metal plate kept in a particular vessel and that it was in a particular place. He went and took the vessel and found a metal ornament buried in a powder like substance. That man could not believe it, because his wife who had gone to deliver a baby had cleaned the whole house and when she left there was no such item in that house. He was surprised how it has come inside the house. When that was removed and destroyed, he was also healed from his headache.

Are you feeling that something is tormenting you and you are not able to know the reason for that ? The hand of the Lord can help you.