Are you CONFUSED?
  Anointing with oil and praying
  Delivering people from bondage
Village Ministry
God has given us a burden in the form of these ignorant people, who sought anything and everything to achieve peace and prosperity in life. So, we in this ministry, select a village and for three consecutive days, we conduct Gospel Meetings to enlighten them with the 'Word Of God'. This ministry we conduct once in a month.

India is a country, wherein there are numerous villages. The TRUST headquarters is situated in Manimangalam, Kanchipuram District, TAMIL NADU, the place is surrounded by many a villages. The villagers are ill-literate & poor. They have no time to think about God. Their main aim in life is to earn their Everyday bread. They worship anything and everything out of fear of being subjected to hardships if they didn't worship. To these people, eternal life is something beyond their comprehension. Since they are very naive in differentiating between the good and the evil spirits, they are more susceptible to be possessed by evil spirit.

We go to these villages as a team and preach the Gospel and teach them:

† Who is "Lord Jesus"?
† How to reach "Him"?
† What is Salvation?
In the end of the meetings, we pray for each one of them. During the prayer, God does mighty works among those people. The evil spirits torture them before these spirits liberate the individuals. By witnessing such miraculous deliverance from evil bondage these people realize the strength of the Lord God almighty. We guide them to the Church, for baptism and the Holy Spirit Baptism. So that they can live a life worthy of the "LORD ALMIGHTY"